A chest infection…

Code milky green! Code milky green!

Except that was yesterday. Today it’s code “take the day off work and ewwwwwwwww!”. No-one needs my hacking cough near them, and it’s much simpler to manage if I don’t have to get all prissy near my desk.

Add in that I’ve managed to burn myself on my hwb (ladyache), that the tiler’s coming at 2pm, the Japanese leaders at 5pm, and that all I want to do is crawl away and sleep, and I’m not having the most fantastic day.

I have obliterated a bluebottle with a cushion though. It took 15 minutes patient tracking, but I did it! I did it!

I’m now going to eat lunch, and hide on the sofa, and try and finish the second sleeve of my cardigan, and join up the yoke. If I feel energetic, later, I might post pictures. However, I’ve spent an exhausting 15 minutes tracking the bluebottle, and prior to that there was a lovely debate about Guiding (I honestly did enjoy it, but it was quite intense), so I’m not promising anything. Apart from to take more care with the hwb when I refill it. Red lines on one’s tum are not sexy.