Wobble Wibble

I’m over being ill. I really am. I made it into work on Tuesday, spent most of the morning recovering from getting in to work, had an epic fail at concentrating, and stayed home the rest of the week. My peak flow is still shot (well, it’s now 10% down, instead of 15% down – but that’s with oral steroids), and I’m so bored with being ill. I am over this. Except I’m not. I’m tired, frustrated, unable to do everything I want to, and I just had an epic two day panic about guidemin and camp. For no apparent reason because, actually, none of it is quite as arduous or complicated as I am making it out to be. Send gin.

I’ve just hit the guidemin for two hours. It is now, more or less, under control. There’s a handful of emails that can be sent tomorrow (or, rather, today – it’s nearly midnight), after I’ve been to a training at HQ.

It’s been an exhausting week. In part, the excitement of the new Guide Promise contributed to this. It’s something I’ve felt passionately about, but I’ve just been so drained by being ill that I’ve not been able to work up the excitement that I really wanted. However, I’m very pleased. It’s a #promiseforall. Finally, everyone I know who doesn’t believe in God, but who is an excellent Guide leader can make their promise without lying, tying themselves up in knots, or telling themselves that ‘God’ stands for what they do believe, even if they don’t believe in God. The new promise doesn’t discard God (regardless of what the Torygraph or the Daily Wail would have us say). We promise to ‘be true to myself and to develop my beliefs’ from September. If you believe in God, then, God is still there. Just not explicitly. If you believe in Science, well, you’ve got full reign. If you’re a satanist, you’re probably not going to join the Brownies anyhow, because it doesn’t really go with the ‘helping other people’ ethos. And we will continue to do that regardless. The Brownies and I debated it this evening. They understood the new promise immediately. It was SO much simpler than the previous debates we’ve had. They just got it. It was simple, they could understand it, they made sensible, thoughtful comments, and I hope they will make their promise gladly in September (there seems to be a degree of apathy about the promise in the current batch).

Oooh. I’ve just remembered. I have a potential new Brownie. I must go and send an email. Before I totally forget… right. That’s done. All up to date there. I probably ought to contact all the parents and ask them to let me know if their daughters aren’t going to show up any one week. It’s perturbing when they just don’t show up. Oh. And someone’s phone number needs updating in the system. I need a list.

  • Update phone number in GO, print new emergency contacts details
  • Print Science Museum letters
  • Commissioner Training
  • Decide if we’re well enough to go to my parents’ for an open garden thing on Sunday
  • Supermarket
  • Laundry, including changing the sheets
  • Hoover behind the sofa
  • Pack up baby hats for neonatal unit, and toiletries for Give and MakeUp. N.b. Notes to go into boxes
  • Knit a hat for Owen Begun. It’s going to be a red telephone box. And I’m kinda making it up as I go along.
  • Continue to make reusable cotton pads (these are awesome, and crocheted. I am wrecking my right arm with crochet again)
  • Try not to panic and feel overwhelmed because, really, the perception that it is an overwhelming list in no way actually reflects reality.
  • Email CC about Constitution/AGM
  • Write up a Constitution for Division
  • Check A’s qualifications
  • Pay for long service badges
  • Tidy craft corner in sitting room

(you may grasp, from this list, that I actually dealt with various of the emails while blogging. Since they don’t exactly show on the list anymore).

I’m sure there’s something else. But I have a trusty notebook. And I can write it in there. When I remember it. For now, I’m going to finish watching American Dad, and eat some Sour Patch Kids.


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