A list! A list!

  • 9 mile run
  • buy N’s birthday present from my parents’ half done
  • Thank you card APs for saucepans
  • thank you card S poetry book
  • mail asthma app study forms (http://www.healthapps.org.uk/)
  • Get Christmas presents Japanese GS Leaders, so I can mail surface
  • Find the link of my goddaughter’s photos and send to Mum
  • Mail Dad’s forgotten notebook
  • Brownies accounts (camp, tie up year end)
  • frame pictures N
  • Food shop can be done on way back from N’s. Cool.
  • Launder sheets
  • Email S, Email C re playschemes
  • Take clothes & nametapes to C to sew on. And posters for her to put up (she’s unemployed, and climbing the walls at home).
  • Division Constitution
  • Finish H’s birthday present (slightly stymied by the cleaner moving everything that I needed for it to the other side of the room). Buy card. Wrap everything
  • head to H’s stitch & bitch, then onto N’s, and thus to a clear out of the spare room.
  • Insure ring
  • Other things as I think of them.

It’s still warm. I’m still too warm. My engagement ring has gone to be resized as it’s just too small, particularly with everything swelling in the heat. Come winter, it’s bound to end up too big.  However, half way through last week, it was so tight that it was digging in and leaving a mark akin to the type one normally gets with knicker elastic in a different area of one’s anatomy. This was not the case with any other of my rings (I have two others which I wear daily). I feel slightly bereft without it. N says that it doesn’t make me any less engaged (he’s right) as, really, it’s a symbol. But, damnit, it’s a very important symbol as far as I’m concerned. I miss it. I miss him (I can’t wait to see him tonight). And I am loving being engaged, and doing bijou wedding planning. And saving up.

I locked myself out yesterday morning. It took two hours to get back in again, as Eff didn’t have the spare keys anymore (she now does) and N was in Bas (so two hours away) and I had to get a locksmith (ouch). On the plus side, considering I locked myself out sans phone, I think I did very well indeed to go into the police station and ask to borrow theirs to phone Eff, and then used hers to phone N. The value of learning a handful of numbers by heart. Locksmiths are not good when one is saving up.