We went to the zoo last night

2013-08-02 18.58.26

And we saw giraffes, gorillas, tigers, lions, penguins, butterflies, various shades of macaw, meerkats, otters, sloths (so graceful!) and an awful lot of drunk people in animal onesies, animal hats, face paints, and masks. Zoo lates must make an awful lot of money for ZSL, as they’re licence for adults to behave like kids, but with PIMM’S!!!!!

It was rather fun.

I’m trying to organise myself, and put together N’s birthday present. He’s gone to a grotty hotel in Hackney so that he can be in the right place to ride in the Prudential Ride 100 tomorrow. He apologises about the fact that most of central London is closed as a result of this.