Ah the irony

I’ve been looking forward to today, as an oasis of calm, one that doesn’t need to involve people (the checkout cashier aside), and a day to just have some Time to Myself for ages.

So what do I actually want today?

People. Distractions. Interactions. The human brain is a very weird beast.

What I’m going to do is write a list. In an effort to focus my brain (I’m definitely lacking focus), I shall first remind myself of what I’ve achieved this weekend. Then decide what still needs to be achieved before I go to yoga. I gave up on the concept of an ashtanga class today. I’m going to head to relaxation yoga instead. And then, come home, and, in all likelihood, be de-relaxed by yet another long and involved phone call with my Mother. N has been either at his, or at a rehearsal this weekend, and I miss him. The bed is All Wrong.

So. Acheivements, in no particular order:

  • Hill training, 12 mile x-country type run (possible in London if you dodge round Hampstead Heath. I had a lovely time. It wasn’t fast, but it was interesting). Found a split in my camelbak, mended it with duck tape. I am trying to save money.
  • Manned a stall to try and recruit some more Brownies and Guides at a local festival. It was not the most productive of days, but we did make some nice bracelets.
  • Went to a hen party that restored my faith in hen parties. We had dinner at Spaghetti House, and That Was It. It was quite, quite, lovely.  The wedding is going to be a two day spectacular (Nigerian and English ceremonies) to make up for this.
  • Did the food shop
  • Found the forms in the shed that need shredding. Discovered two potential locations for Brownie units.
  • Packed the craft stuff for Towersey festival, and put lots of camping equipment in the shed.
  • Threw away a tent, and a bag of dead leaves
  • Threw away the yoghurt (going weird, so I’ll start a new batch next week), some revolting tomatoes and half a bag of salad that was trying to form its own political system.
  • Three loads of laundry
  • Supermarket shop

Yet to happen

  • Pack my clobber for Towersey (this may happen on Tuesday while N is watching something-or-other at the Prince Charles Cinema that I’ve no desire to see)
  • hang up all the laundry
  • Find some decent washcloth patterns and start knitting them
  • Shred the forms
  • Revisit the Brownies accounts prior to handover, and also to check my arithmetic (got a cheque amount incorrect)
  • Contact all the division leaders and find out if they still want this role/to be involved in guiding at all (some have been a bit reticent in volunteering to do anything. Most have been superb).
  • Pay H for books
  • Find a box to mail C’s flowers in
  • Continue the intrepid fox, and, at the very least, make some sort of effort to tidy the craft corner
  • Take iron pill and vitamin pill
  • Print some more zombie templates just in case Cannot locate the card.

I’d better get on with it. If I leave it much llo