Not quite the weekend we wanted

Never is when you land up in one of the best Neuroscience ICU departments in the country, waiting to see if your future father-in-law will come through having his brain carved up a bit.

He has. He’s tired, he’s groggy, he has a tendency to drop off mid-sentence, but he’s still with us. What, exactly, is causing the tumours is still to be determined. Howsover, it was lovely to see him, and he’ll be out of ICU when they have a nice bed for him elsewhere. We are not out of the woods, but the trees are, temporarily at least, a bit thinner.

Meanwhile, I knitted. The sock has a turned heel. I had today off work anyhow, so was able to go whizzing round the countryside to be in the Right Place, and tomorrow, all being well, I’ll be back at work and crocheting him an emergency owl to keep him company.