Sometimes, I feel lonely here

I hopped back to my old site on Xanga. It looks awful – the pretty green background is gone. The quote and the “Pink Rocks” have gone. The way you could divide people up into friends (sure, it’s nice to be friends) and subs (what I would actually read) has gone. The journals that were mostly protected don’t seem to be there anymore. It’s kinda sad.

But I also went back because I feel a bit comment light here. And, lo and behold, I was comment light there too. Which begs the question, who exactly am I writing for nowadays? Why?

My to-do lists are still epic, but usually in paper form in addition to online. I don’t write here very often – gone are the days when I had time to blog quickly at work. I now have a potential minion starting, there are that many things backed up in my to-do list and a culture of not staying late (that’s another story. I am currently endeavouring not to talk myself into a new, more senior, job title without an accompanying payrise. I’m also trying to work out the things I want to learn, properly, once the over-qualified minion can take some of the slack. Assuming we employ them. Right now, that’s partly dependent on my agreeing to change role slightly which wasn’t the original plan. I’m a bit scared that the minion’s better than me – but it’s because I’ve been so busy trying to just keep everything working “OK” that I’ve not had time to do the really interesting stuff. He’s come from somewhere with two DBAs and about 1/4 of the number of servers).

I don’t know. I’m also a bit bummed that no-one commented on my posts about N’s Dad. No. I’m VERY bummed about that. I’ll forgive those of you that I’ve seen, because, heck, it’s much nicer to discuss these things face to face. But, no-one else? Oh well. If you shout on the internet, and no-one comments, presumably it never happened.

Maybe I just became too boring for words?


4 thoughts on “Sometimes, I feel lonely here

  1. I apologise for not commenting – I am somewhat sporadic in my reading, but I am reading, and it is good to hear your ‘voice’.
    I especially apologise for not commenting on the post about N’s dad – I can only attribute this to awkwardness. It is a terrible thing, and I extend my sympathy to you both (and to N’s dad as well).

    Oh and good luck for the minion – I can empathise there as well – I have been doing triage on CVs for someone to support my role out of our Manila office (by which I suspect the senior manage mean outsource my role to our Manila office) So far the only thing that has come out of that is a small smile every time I refer to the ‘Manila folder in my email’. remember that even if said minion may have better qualifications, you have the background in teh culture and the ‘why its so messed up round here’ that they will take years to catch up on! Always amazing how much the ‘soft’ bits around teh role actually matter even in our more technical oriented worlds..

  2. You know me, I love pictures, pictures, pictures! How did I ever get out of elementary school and on to books with no pictures is beyond me. But you are not boring. I have noticed that blog readership is down across the board. I’m actually just catching up on all my blog reading from the entire summer.

    BTW – I love this new look. It’s easier to leave comments, and the design you chose is lovely.

  3. Well, I’ve totally forgotten that you had a blog here & have got out of the blog habit (both mine & other people’s) in need of sleep. But mostly I’m starting to loathe social media of all sorts, as it increasingly seems to get in the way of Real Life. ((hugs))

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