Well why not

It’s November. I believe this makes it NaBloPoMo or something similar. In which, following Em’s lead in November 2008, I try and remember to blog daily.

Ha ha ha. About the only thing that’s constant in my life at the moment is having a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Nothing else seems to be the same day to day (and how did I end up semi-managing my minion? My Manager has done sweet FA about managing him – and freely admits that he has no idea what to do with him….).

Last night N & I went to a spooky concert at Union Chapel. From this, I learned that 1970s Italian Horror gore isn’t that gory (particularly hilarious were the brain eating cats. Mostly because they were blatently stuffed cats, and they had detachable paws that scrabbled while they eat. Special effects used to be really quite special), but that I really don’t like it when people are being cruel to each other, or when zombies are trying to stab people in the eye. Also, the director of these things was obsessed with the female breast. I mean, who goes scuba diving while wearing nowt but a g-string? I could only think how much the webbing would have chafed (and that was before she encountered the shark and the underwater zombie).

This evening, I’ve failed to do a DBS check, and eaten some spectacularly good stew. Some beef and marrowbone was on special at waitrose. I bought it, and some pre-cut stew vegetables, and let it all cook with a stock cube. It was excellent. And marrowbones make the most glorious slurpy noise when you suck the jelly out at the end of it all.

A list. Tomorrow is busy.

  • Parkrun
  • Collect parcel
  • pay in that cheque
  • County Training
  • Start house hunting
  • 10k run Regent’s Park
  • Knit
  • Pack for next weekend (I’m not in one night next week. This may make blogging interesting. Wonder if there’s a phone app?)
  • Sort out the Brownies Sixes
  • Buy publicity posters online if I find that there are none in the relocated Guide Shop. Buy the other stuff that’s on my list actually at the shop.
  • Buy stamps for Christmas Cards
  • Get the Canadian parcels ready to post Hampered by lack of parcel with books in it.
  • Finish The Count of Monte Cristo – honestly, it’s so exciting in the last 200 pages or so I’ve stopped wanting to read Neil Gaiman. This makes up for an awful lot of turgid prose setting everything up.
  • Other stuff which I’m bound to remember in a while.
  • Dye Espy Trousers
  • Clear up leaves in garden. Prune roses.