Evidently, I’m trying to think of too much…..

I seem to have abandoned the ingredients for tonight’s supper somewhere. I’m hoping the fridge at work, but frankly, could be anywhere. If it is the work fridge, then we can have the chicken and sauce for supper on Monday. Assuming the cleaners have not binned it. I shudder to think what’s happened if I’ve left it in the cloakroom or the kitchen at work. Explosive mini-breasts, most likely. Ew.

My apols for the password protected test from my phone. It’s not supposed to be. Will try again.

County Training Afternoon was FAB. There was good food (always important), a lovely session about how to do planning with Brownies, a whoosh round St James’ Park laying and following trails, some fabby ideas for map based games (and how about taking out the Brownies, with a map, and some stickers, and having them put stickers on the appropriate point on the map when they see e.g. a phone box, a church, a station?) and a brief but to the point AGM. Question: how can we communicate better?

Also, I got my 10 year bar. I hit 10 years of service in February this year, counting from my first meeting. If we count from when the forms were put in, that would be May this year. I put my shiny on immediately. It’s now sitting in the ‘to be displayed’ badge pile.

I’m fed up with arguing with Post Office Counter Staff about the existence (or not) of surface mail stamps to the USA. They want to sell me the £1.88 “standard” airmail stamp. I reckon that a Christmas card is nowhere near 20g, and that a 78p stamp will do the trick. I eventually got one. Given that last year I failed to actually put a stamp on two of the cards, and nothing untoward happened (they arrived, within a week, as I had the airmail sticker), I do wonder why I’m bothering at all with stamps.