We might remember them.

I will. However, I’ve only seen 14 poppies so far today and one of those was Canadian.

I am turning into Disgusted of Bridge Wells. I guess that the freedom to not wear a poppy was part of what they fought for. But it seems a bit rude to not wear one to say the very least.

If anyone starts talking during the 2 minutes silence I will give them a Very Hard Stare.


(the final tally was 28 poppies on the way into work, mostly at the exit of the Tube Station. And the whole office kept talking through the two minute silence… so they are all in my bad books).


One thought on “We might remember them.

  1. The one next to me who kept typing and click-click-clicking through the two minutes (so distracting) got pointedly ignored for the rest of the day. No, she didn’t speak. But she didn’t stop.

    I hoped, charitably, that those who weren’t wearing a poppy on their coat might be wearing one on their inside layer and conversely those not wearing one inside might have one on their coat. But it’s only “might”.

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