I’m not enjoying this morning

The plumber is supposed to be fitting a new cistern. So far, because the stop cocks are all jammed, and the intake valve on the side of the cistern doesn’t actually work, he’s not really achieved anything other than going shopping for a new intake valve. We’ve had to turn off the water for the whole block, and the system is now draining. No. It’s just finished draining. Hallelujah!

This rigmarole has taken two hours. He is yet to even attempt to detach the ancient painted-over pipework. And there I was, fondly imagining that I could head into the office later today. Instead, I’ve run up and down the stairs about six times, fixed things remotely, had a debate with my minion, soothed the BI guy, had the laptop run out of battery and eaten cake for breakfast at 10am.

Well. The banana bread needed eating before it went ming. So I obliged. One has to tidy these things up occasionally.

I’ve started reading Bridget Jones again. I’d forgotten how brilliant the first book is. So very, very clever. The film version really didn’t do the character any favours – it made her stupid. Bridget isn’t stupid. Hopelessly romantic, conflicted by feminism, unfortunately dependent on a man for her self worth, but she’s not stupid. And then, it didn’t really matter how, or what, Helen Fielding wrote: that first excellent book meant that anything with Bridget would be a success. I think this is why I disliked the second book. It descended into self-parody and ridiculous situations….I’m conflicted about the third. I’ll probably succumb if it shows up at the BookPeople one lunchtime. In the meantime, I’ll continue to enjoy Radio 4 Extra’s excellent adaptation of “In Search of Lost Time”. The actor playing Marcel is excellent. We are immersed in memory with the help of sound effects: music, church bells, birdsong, gunfire, running water, the sea. Albertine is delightfully selfish and spoiled and sinned against as well as sinner. Francoise so down to earth. Madame Swann just blooming and gorgeous and scintillating.

I can hear all sorts of crashes and bangs from the bathroom. I’m assuming that this is a Good Thing. I do hope so.