It’s interesting reading Bridget Jones from the perspective of my 30s

It resonates rather better now. Plus I’ve identified at least two Daniel Cleavers in my chequered past. You may, if you wish, try to guess who they were. DRAMA!!! is not one of them. Well, he was still a bit of an emotional fuckwit (isn’t that just the most wonderful phrase?) but it was easy enough to twig that, and thus disentangle before anything complicated occurred. Helped that he informed me that he didn’t want to go out with me because he’d probably be unfaithful to me (I high tailed it out of there, taking a lasting appreciation of Wes Anderson films with me).  As far as I know he’s still married to the delightful Blue. Ah yes, she who when she encountered me was a perfect bitch, despite the fact that I was about as unthreatening as I could be, being post-pack-holiday exhausted, and sweaty from softball: and she was glossy, groomed and with an ENORMOUS diamond on her finger. Or, perhaps, I was a threat, in that she knew that DRAMA!!! had been attracted to me, and that this stemmed from, yup, meeting after softball when I wasn’t actually at my best…..  Every once in a while, LinkedIn suggests that I might like to connect to them. Every once in a while, I inform LinkedIn that it might like to go stuff itself.

Anyhow. What seemed the stuff of fantasy is, now, horrifyingly, terrifyingly accurate. Instant messaging in the office. The defoliation campaign involved in getting my legs ready for public consumption.  Slightly less with the anti-men-ranting, as we’ve not had too many of them recently (but we do have them). As I head into the territory of smug married, please, dear friends, don’t let me lose my identity. Don’t let me become a housing or baby bore.  I’m quite boring enough about Brownies and weddings, after all. And that’s before we get onto the knitting (glad tidings: N’s engagement sweater will probably have enough yarn leftover for me to have a sweater too! I think I might do a second Argyle. I still have the pattern, and it doesn’t take much yarn, and I love my red version).



3 thoughts on “It’s interesting reading Bridget Jones from the perspective of my 30s

  1. My book group did a fantastic hatchet job by email today (meeting itself was tonight).
    I need to re-read Bridget – actually I’m not convinced I ever read all of Edge of Reason – I think it’ll be much more fun if we have a good natter about it afterwards. Read over Christmas?

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