We went to the zoo yesterday

It was BRILLIANT! We are definitely taking the Brownies and Guides for a sleepover.

We met bugs (tree cutter ants are awesome), snails, rats, an aardvark (such a cute nose), llamas, donkeys, a tapir and got stalked (through the glass) by a lioness.

Today has been mostly rubbish. In chronological order of discovery: N couldn’t go for a run at lunchtime, as one of the systems had gone hatstand, so I had to go on my own. County meeting was long, drawn out, full of arguments and generally bad tempered. Dad got taken to hospital in an ambulance with chest pains (probably an infection, they’ve upped the statins, he’s been given what-for by self and Mum).  I didn’t get a proper supper.

On the plus side, my Sandman comic is now here. Hurrah!

And I have a Very Strong Gin and Chocolate.


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