Made it to the end of the month!

And, but for the fact that the goodgifts website is refusing to actually let me order a Stoked Goat for Dad for Christmas, I would actually have achieved all my Christmas Shopping now (I had a storming trip round John Lewis at about 6.30pm. It was hell in there. Apart from the furniture department, which was nice and peaceful and full of people giving the sofas a good test drive while they waited for their friends and partners to finish faffing about shopping).

Yes, I have tried at least two browsers for the good gifts site. DIdn’t really help matters. It still refused to let me put a goat in my basket. (Is this the problem with the 21st century? We’re trying to put non-existent, quasi-conceptual goats into baskets and destroying the bees).

Watched a lovely documentary about P.L. Travers, and now I want to re-read Mary Poppins. Every time I go to the zoo, particularly in the dark (so that would be the last two trips), I am irresistibly reminded of the Mary Poppins story where all the animals are peacefully co-existing outside the cages, while the humans (including John and Barbara), are in the cages. I seem to remember that the Admiral was particularly choleric and very unhappy about being fed fish. I need to re-read. I think I have a film-tie-in edition of Mary Poppins still. If not, I shall be annoyed with myself for having disposed of it when I was moving out of my parents’. Still. Books can be bought cheaply enough, and they do furnish a room rather nicely. Even if you’re not supposed to be buying them. Ahem. I’ll have to get rid of some first.