Ooooh, I think this was so close to a PB but I don’t know

My watch recorded 47.28 for today’s 10km race. Except it didn’t record about the first half mile. So I don’t know if I got anywhere close to my PB or not. I suspect not. But it might be. And I just don’t know.

Nick was 4 seconds of a PB and has blisters. I don’t have blisters. It seems that buying a pair of shoes half a size larger (by accident) stops the sub-ungual suppurations I’ve had on my “index” toes because I’m no longer hitting the end of the shoe. Why no-one suggested it before is beyond me. So pleased that the shop assistant couldn’t count.

Anyhow. I might have a PB. I might not. I might be 30 seconds out. I might not. I did manage to put in a storming effort, I got my best estimated 1km effort and my third best estimated mile…and if I’d not had to stop dead for a stitch, I think it would be my best 10k.

Oh, when will the results be out?


Results out: 51:53. Not my best, but not my worst, and definitely two minutes faster than last month. Also. I’m going to do a marathon next year. So there.