Here. Have a picture of a sunrise…

Today, I have been for a run, helped run a store for the Brownies and Guides at a Christmas fair (we made £44.10!) and managed to count the money in my piggybank (enough for the yarn I bought by accident in November). I’ve also, finally, filled in the gift aid forms for the Brownies, and finally done an ID check on someone who’s been trying to sort out the relevant ID for her DBS check since April. Hurrah for Council Tax!


I may yet achieve some knitting. Other things that need doing

  • Sort out Division hoodies Now have the printing company
  • Sort out the photos from Chicago
  • Sort out the division email list, chase up leaders who are ‘division leaders’ but have not done any leading for quite some time. Send Christmas email
  • Email everyone to ask if they’d like to come ice skating (and skate tying) with the Brownies on Friday
  • Do the risk assessment for skating
  • Assemble forms for church Now have the last document, so can do this!
  • Change sheets
  • 10 mile run
  • Christmas shopping with N
  • Supermarket
  • Letter N’s Dad (print photos)

But, right now it’s 9pm. I think I’m going to concentrate on the knitting aspect. And then head to bed (N’s out on with the band. There is beer involved).