The Book of Mormon


It was silly. It was fun. It was serious: any play that gets aerated about female circumcision in the West End is serious. It was full of tappity toe songs, joie de vivre, and some horrid people. And the spooky Mormon hell dream song was definitely a reworking of South Park the Movie (which isn’t really suprising). Not one to go and see on a first date, or with your Mum. Or with anyone who cannot cope with Language and isn’t reasonably broad-minded about religion. But definitely one to see with Dad, although I think I laughed more. He wasn’t feeling very well (I do hope the steroids actually work, and bring him back to the usual state of joie de vivre and energy).

And then we headed over to Dehesa. Best Gluten-Free dining experience ever. They marked up the menu for me, and I didn’t have to specify that I wanted a gluten free version thereafter – whatever I chose, they just served the gluten free version (if something needed taking away from the normal version to make it gluten free). And the food was all gorgeous, and we’re definitely going back.

Although I shall not drink 3 glasses of wine. 2 glasses is enough. The third had me wheeling down the street and wanting to go to bed the moment I got home.

So I did.