Oh. There’s a new post button at the top of the page…

And I’ve only just noticed its existence.  That saves a lot of clicking about in the admin pages.

Waved my parents off about three hours ago. I have parental fatigue, and rather want to crawl away and sleep. We only had one big argument across the entire festive season, and that was about getting lost, the satnav, and Mum’s insistence on holding onto the damn thing, then inadvertently prodding the screen and, god knows how, she got it onto showing the last turning in the journey. So, we got lost, in the dark, on a twisty road, and she was furious with me… it got a bit better when I actually took the satnav from her and stuck it where the good Lord intended it to live, on the windscreen. All journeys made thereafter she wasn’t allowed to hold it. Peace reigned. Dad was unhelpful about the entire episode,which essentially created the argument in the first place.

Since then, we’ve bought a wedding dress, and given the rose bushes in the garden a Really Severe Pruning, after one of them fell off the fence and took the trellis with it. I was hoping my neighbours might deal with this over Christmas (it happened on Monday night), but they didn’t. Dad brought in the loppers and the rose bush is about 1/3 of its original size, with the rest of it bagged up for the council. I hope it revives. Mum says it will, and is generally correct on these matters. She appears to have forgotten entirely about the deaded Japanese Maple. Phew. The trellis disintegrated in a very satisfactory manner when I jumped on it. There is no hope of revival for that, but we’ve sort of lost some of the privacy we had. Not that we had enough privacy for any sort of sunbathing anyhow.

Meanwhile, N is on his way here, and Spurs beat Stoke 3-0, so he should be in a fairly good mood, unless Spurs played uninspired football, in which case he’ll still be grumpy (the goal difference is still negative… but a heck of a lot better than it was a week or so ago).  The match report is reasonable, so I’m going for cheerful N! Rah!



2 thoughts on “Oh. There’s a new post button at the top of the page…

  1. Glad you survived your holidays! I am suffering from children fatigue which is a similar malady to parental fatigue. Just put the last of them on a flight home and am now enjoying a cup of tea and reading the newspaper and looking forward to NOT cooking dinner.

    And I knew you’d find a wedding dress. As a mother I’ve lived through that discussion (actually tears, sobs, hiccups) and knew that you would not get married in your running clothes.

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