Rugby Songs

I seem to have a rugby song on the brain. It begins “I know a dog, his name is Rover, tra la la la la”. And then it rapidly degenerates. It has been earworming me for the past 24 hours or so, and it’s beginning to get annoying, because it’s not even as if I can sing it out loud, in public, without an awful lot of effing and blinding going on. And that’s just the bystanders.  It doesn’t help that I never properly learned the words to Rover either, so I’m beset by a half-remembered earworm, which is even worse. I can’t even find the lyrics on the internet. I think it’s because the rugby team borrowed and altered to suit their tastes.

I’ve been told that the way to deal with earworms is by doing word puzzles. Fortunately, I have a tacky magazine, so I can do the crossword in that.

(Also, I’ve worked out a more polite version. “I know a dog, his name is Rover, tra la la la la la. And when he sits, he sits all over, tra la la la la. Sits by the window, sits on the floor, sits on the ceiling, sits by the door, sits all over everything, tra la la la la”).

In the meantime, some photos – I have actually completed some knitting, and then a list.

First: a hat, which has been waiting since March for me to sew some elastic into the brim. This has now been done.


Then, N’s Chicago socks


(it is way easier, I discover, to put pictures in here than it was on Xanga)

This is the rather swish medal I got for a 10 mile race. I was 26th out of 55 women, and something like 126th out of 172 entrants over all.  It was a very male dominated race! 1:30:17, not too shabby considering the hills and the frost.


And, finally, the epic pile of envelopes from charities that have been bugging my parents this year. These have all been marked ‘return to sender, remove from mailing list’. Only one envelope goes back to each charity. The winner of the ‘let’s pester people’ award is a charity called ‘Smile Train’, which helps repair cleft palates in the developing world. Dad sent some money last Christmas, and then had 8 mailshots asking him to contribute more across 2013. They are now, most definitely, off the list.  And, those were the letters that hadn’t been recycled – there’s bound to have been a few more that did actually get recycled on receipt. It took us about an hour to get through the assembled piles – my parents tend to keep all these mailings so they can decide on a few charities to donate to at Christmastime. It’s now much more under control, and they’ve decided who will receive their money for the next couple of years.  How they managed to get onto the mailing list for 20-odd charities is beyond me (I’m counting the charities they’ve decided to stay on the list with, as well as the 18 here).


I was still horrified by the number of mailshots the charities send. I know Save the Children spent 11p for every £1 they collect (although that might be just for their latest campaign, not over all). The larger cancer charities spend about 30p on fundraising for every £1 raised (Susan G Komen spends 20c of every $1 they spend on admin/fundraising). Red Cross spend only 20p. The Telegraph has a nice article about how much gets spent on actual charitable stuff by some of the bigger charities here.  It’s eyeopening.

I’ve got a policy of sending the mailshots back with ‘return to sender, remove from mailing list’. I don’t need to know, and I don’t really want to be pestered. Every once in a while I review my direct debits and my standing orders, and adjust them: Medicins Sans Frontieres just get on with doing the stuff I can’t do overseas, and they don’t send me lots of bumpf about it either (and there’s no way on God’s earth I will stop donating). Marie Curie are fabulous, but I made one donation in Em’s memory, and it took me about three years to get them to stop sending me stuff….

So. A list.

  • Become that woman who runs to parkrun…
  • 10k race
  • Laundry
  • Supermarket shop forgot the list. Thus forgot sandwich pickle and instant macaroni cheese. Think I can live without those.
  • Sew buttons on Letti Lopi cardigan
  • Sew up N’s sweater
  • Finish mitt #1 for L
  • Sort out the photos from Chicago and arrange into an album ready to print
  • Take the Christmas decorations down
  • Sort out the leaders in the division – who is on the mailing list, who shouldn’t be on it, and so forth.
  • Pay in Brownies money

I feel as though there should be more. But there isn’t. Until I remember it.