How to be a Heroine

This is, I think, the book we all wanted to write. About all our favourite child and adulthood heroines. And the lovely, lovely Samantha Ellis has written it for us. Best of all, she was chattering about it this evening, at Keats House, so E and I could tell her all about how we’d enjoyed it, and get our copies signed, and hear about another fabulous sounding book (Her Brilliant Career: Ten Extraordinary Women of the Fifties ), and find out that E’s Mum thought it wonderful to be 18 in 1965, which is, of course, two years after 1963, and when many feminists believe that feminism began owing to the contraceptive pill. This is, of course, feminists failing to take into account the war generation going to work, let alone people like my Mum, who quietly got on with being the first woman in the banking hall of whichever City of London bank it was (subsequently subsumed by Lehmans I believe).

All in all a brilliant evening.