A tea party


Here, we have the lovely L, modelling an Epiphany Cake and its crown (we didn’t find the little model hidden inside it during the party, but I think it went home with K – and L, do say if you want this down. I rather like the halo effect from the lamp…). We had tea, and cake, and crisps, and guacamole, and refried beans (note to all. The recipe is not improved by the addition of a whole beef tomato), and houmous. H my ninja goddaughter was present, and a delight – you don’t get photos of her, as she is a ninja. We used the bone china teacups, and christened my lovely new teapot. While washing up, I remembered that I have a teapot brush, so I could clean out the spout, and de-tannin it. Hard water makes for stainy tea…

The flat feels somewhat empty now. So, I’ve done some guidemin, pretended to do accounts, had supper, eaten a spot of ice cream and vaguely paid attention to a documentary about Hitler on More 4. It’s not as good as The World At War, but all with colour film, which is quite fascinating. I’ve got all tomorrow to myself, so I feel no great need to really throw myself into any further admin. However.

  • Sort out my bank accounts
  • Chicago photos
  • Put laundry away Then I created Nu!Laundry, because there was pretty much a full load after I’d run.
  • Sew up intrepid fox
  • Parcel up swop ready to mail
  • Mail cards
  • 15-16 mile run My route planning sucks. I managed 17.25 miles. And only remembered that I was supposed to be morris dancing about three hours before morris dancing…should have stopped at 15 miles and got the bus home.
  • Remember Szyja Waisbrod on Monday (If you want to remember a victim of the Holocaust, you can do so here).

In the meantime, have a picture of the Christmas Tree Decorations I’ve acquired since Christmas…



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