A list

  • Chase up what the heck is going on with the wedding invitations (I have no clue)
  • Chicago Pics into an Album
  • Sew up that damn fox
  • My shawl
  • Y’s cowl
  • Baby knitting (bit ambitious, all this knitting)
  • Supermarket shop
  • Pay in Brownies
  • Pay in me
  • Brownie Admin (update girls’ details, sort out letters about Thinking Day)
  • Division Admin Damn. Join Us won’t let me log in….
  • Post off Gift Aid stuff (apparently, I put it all in a pile and sort of abandoned it)
  • Park Run
  • Race
  • Go to the cinema

It’s been a full sort of week, and I am tired. Next week will be even worse – I am doing something guiding or morris related every single night from Sunday to Friday. Plus, on Wednesday we really will be working from N’s Dad’s house, so we can give his wife a break (it was supposed to happen this week, but we didn’t manage to book ourselves out of the office before someone booked us into a meeting). Anyhow. Neither of us really wants to, I’ve woken in the night having a panic about doing it, but, frankly, it needs to be done, and I feel bad that I’ve not done it already. Cancer sucks. It really does.

There have been lovely things this week. A fabulous parcel of cheerful winter goodies. A new set of knitting needles. Actually getting my prescription collected and filled (less fun, my lovely GP will be retiring at the end of March, and I’ll have to start fighting for appointments like the rest of the world does). I’ve almost finished Tess of the D’Urbervilles, and I’ve given one of my colleagues my spare copy of ‘Despicable Me 2’ which may well be the feature film for his daughter’s cinema at home birthday party (which sounds v cool).

I may witter more, but I want to collapse with my macaroni cheese.