Thank heavens for Saturday

I am taking a few moments to just be. The week has been relentless and full of petty annoyances which have simply been challenging. I had an extremely strong gin and tonic on Thursday night to attempt to take the edge off. This was so spectacularly successful that I had a mild hangover on Friday morning… I must not slosh my gin about so enthusiastically. It all culminated in an unexpected lack of electricity (other than the emergency lights) at Brownies. So we had our Big Brownie Birthday Challenge meeting without power. And we toasted marshmallows over candles (apart from the two marshmallows that got set on fire. Those landed in the fire bucket – the Brownies who burned them got replacements, but no more toasting, because our nerves were frazzled by that point). And one of the Brownies knocked my glasses off my face. I could not see where they landed, and does anyone stop moving when you yell “nobody move!”? No. They do not. Terrifying until the glasses were retrieved, fortunately in no worse shape than they were in the first place (they’re in a state of mild collapse anyhow and need replacing, I am just too miserly to get round to it).

Today we are going to go and look at houses in the rain and wind. I’d rather sleep. Stress makes me want to sleep. I am sleeping very deeply, finding it hard to get up of a morning, and probably in need of a bit more iron and zinc. So I’ll go and take the pills and get on with it.

  • parkrun
  • 18 miles run
  • sort out Div hoodies, check status of new volunteers and new Brownies/Guides
  • prune the fig tree
  • continue the shawl, the cowl, my socks and cast on the baby knitting (baby #1 is due in 50 days or thereabouts!)
  • order the wedding invitations (Dad thinks that the county doesn’t need to be in the church address. I think it does. He hasn’t had it taken out by the guy who has ‘redesigned’ the invitations, which just seems weird, if you’re going to get someone to change the design, why not give them the correct information?)
  • order the wedding reply cards
  • Just be, for a little bit, and attempt to reset.