Less shattered for a run

It’s so often the way – although this run was hard work, I do feel better for it (10 miles, up and down hills, I think I’ve had 5 and a half hours sleep, mostly because I didn’t go to bed early enough). Much less work than the half marathon last weekend, which was harder work than the previous weekend’s half marathon. There was a 5 second difference between the time it took me to run both half marathons. Half #2 was also run in full sunlight (so, instead of an air temp of about 10-12 degrees, it was closer to 20), and had the most incredibly evil hill at the end, which really did slow me down. More water required.

The nicest thing about a long run is the shower afterwards. Followed by the cup of tea. Getting rid of the sweat, the salt and the mud, and being squeaky clean, to the dulcet tones of Graham Norton solving other peoples problems and being enjoyably waspish as he reads out the dedications. We may no longer have Kenneth Williams, but Mr Norton does the trick in a similar manner. You only have to listen to Just a Minute to realise that he’s continuing the tradition of camp shrieking and overexcitability. And, being British, I do rather enjoy some camp shrieking and general overexcitability (I keep buying myself old episodes of Just a Minute on iTunes, and I think I might indulge in some Carry On Films tomorrow while N’s at football).

I have a list. It’s mostly under control.

  • change sheets
  • buy gin for A, who has shifted the timing of getting the decorators in so that I can breathe tonight.
  • Pay in Brownies cash
  • Pay in Cheque
  • Mail Franklin’s hat
  • Register new Rainbows Unit Apparently need the help of our County GO! person.
  • Print letter for One Direction
  • Knit baby sweaters and socks
  • supermarket shop
  • List what I need from the loft for the Brownies trip
  • Start packing for Rome.

I am more than a little nervous about the marathon. So I’m Not Thinking About It.