Can I do it again? Can I?

Can I run a marathon again? When? When? When?

Because, it really was rather brilliant. There was a moment when I couldn’t quite believe I was running it, and very nearly wasn’t. There was a bit where I thought we were in another country (we weren’t quite…). There are blisters under my toenails, and they won’t flipping granulate together, and I really want to go for a run again (I’m waiting until tomorrow lunchtime. N’s clever watch said that he needs over 100 hours recovery from this race, and I probably ought to follow suit).

I didn’t think I could run for over four hours. I didn’t think I could run for 26 miles. I certainly didn’t manage to get all the way round without a loo break. It wasn’t quite Paula Radcliffe, but it was very necessary (and then someone nearly fell over me, which was impressive, given that I was squatting between an enormous bin and the kerb and well out of the general thoroughfare! Bit pongy). It rained masses – waiting for the start was miserable, and I finally had to sacrifice my sacrificial fleece, which has seen me through several half marathons, and a kilomathon. Someone who was evidently from the South African Tourist Board tried to persuade me to do the Cape Town Marathon next…nutter (he’d done Barcelona the week before. Double nutter).

Here. Have some photos. I’m trying to install SQL on a node in a cluster as well as everything else….





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