I’m beginning to feel I lack the discipline for a blog nowadays

Which is, frankly, insane. I do like the thing.

I think the reality is: I lack the motivation to write about repetitive guiding things, that the past few weeks have been particularly stressful on that front, and that there’s never going to be a good positive update about N’s Dad (I think we are heading towards the end, and I doubt he’ll be watching the World Cup, but you never can tell…), and that’s just very dull to read about.

Photos of knitting just about make it to ravelry, and that’s it. There’s not been very much knitting recently either, which doesn’t help matters.

Also, it’s now nearly 9pm and I’ve not had supper, and I’m not particularly hungry. I eat a fairly large lunch, but that was to balance out the running I did (a very slow set of hill reps. I’m still tired from camp, and I only stayed there one night).



From which I must conclude, Caffe Nero coffee is extra caffeinated

I have been extremely wired since I met a potential new leader this morning (I got so excited that I actually pulled her all the way down to CHQ and acquired new Rainbows posters for her to put up. She was powerless in the force of me going on at about ten miles a minute). I think it was the mocha I had at Nero. With cream (this may or may not make a difference). I certainly don’t get this sort of reaction if I go to Starbucks or Costa. I think I should restrict myself to hot chocolate at Nero in future. It will probably be safer for all mankind. Certainly I’m more likely to look before I cross the road, or allow the debit card to remain in the reader for the correct period of time.

Other mundane chores achieved today include collecting my Tweed Run number (so excited), getting tea and colouring books for a Pay It Forward gift (that’s the second on the list – a Mum of two smalls needs a cup of tea, and the smalls need something to colour while she’s drinking it), nearly sorting out a Brownie Night Hike (almost everything is in the spare room for that, bar the glow sticks and the fairy bags, which have been bought but are not yet at my flat. And the fairy messages – I’ll write those later on), and randomly buying a theatre ticket to see ‘Handbagged’ simply because the bus stopped outside the theatre and it’s got both Stella Gonet and Fenella Woolgar in it. Superb. I’ve also been on parkrun. My place is appalling – 105, but I was much faster than last time round (OK. I was 30 seconds faster on the garmin, 26:27, but not a PB which is 26:12 or therabouts. Miles need to be upped a bit, as I’m rashly running the Hackney Half in late June in a one-last-race-before-the-wedding manner).

The list of things still to be done is fairly terrific, and includes the supermarket shop, and I ought to go and deal with that while the rain holds off for at least the outward bound part of the journey. I am, however, in need of tea, so I’ve paused for some tea. Plus the weather forecast suggests that it’s going to be bucketing down, off and on, for the rest of the day. I’ve slightly shot myself in the foot by deciding to go to the theatre tonight but, frankly, I spend so much time thinking to myself “I’d like to see that” and not actually doing anything about it, I’ve decided to buck the trend.

Thus, I really ought to get a wiggle on….when my tea is inside me.