I’m beginning to feel I lack the discipline for a blog nowadays

Which is, frankly, insane. I do like the thing.

I think the reality is: I lack the motivation to write about repetitive guiding things, that the past few weeks have been particularly stressful on that front, and that there’s never going to be a good positive update about N’s Dad (I think we are heading towards the end, and I doubt he’ll be watching the World Cup, but you never can tell…), and that’s just very dull to read about.

Photos of knitting just about make it to ravelry, and that’s it. There’s not been very much knitting recently either, which doesn’t help matters.

Also, it’s now nearly 9pm and I’ve not had supper, and I’m not particularly hungry. I eat a fairly large lunch, but that was to balance out the running I did (a very slow set of hill reps. I’m still tired from camp, and I only stayed there one night).