I am determined to be positive

Possibly in an extremely PollyAnnaish stick-my-head-in-the-sand manner. However, there is diddly-squat that I can do about the fact that N’s Dad has taken a sharp deterioration, and hasn’t been responsive for some days now.  We’re still sitting, working at his dining table (it’s Wednesday), and I’ve been in for a little chatter (his friend Sparrer has got ferrets and had sent a photo! I got very excited about this…). He’s just there. Peacefully lying there. Not snoring anymore, which I rather miss as a sound effect. Just a bit like an empty shell. I think the end is in sight.  Definitely peacefully. Which is a mercy.

So. I’ve been spinning. Look:

Early Attempts

It looks like poo!

Second stab

 After a bit more time


I got a bit better when Nikki-On-Facebook told me about staple lengths, and I grasped that I needed to pay attention to how long the fibre is, and how much I pull it out at any one go, and how much crossover you need in the fibre lengths.. I’m getting a bit bored of navy (I have some pale pink, some natural, and a bit of flame red-and-yellow roving to play with. Only the last of these can be described as anything other than desperately pedestrian). I have bought a little of this. I’m still at the park-and-draft stage, but occasionally, I manage to let the spindle spin, and pull fibre out while it’s spinning. I do like this Tour de Fleece malarkey.

I’ve also been knitting. Booties for the WebDev’s baby (which was due on Friday), for my favourite PM’s baby (due in December). Then there’s a cardi for Nikki-On-Facebook’s baby (I have shelved cardigan #1, I hate it. Baby is now over a month old), a toy for N’s sister’s baby (due December), and something for J’s baby (due December). And wristlets for me, in some rather fancy silk-mix stuff bought by the lovely L.  Socks for Eff. I finally finished my wedding shawl. Lookit? N’s seen it…



20140714_231314 20140714_231237 



Wedding shawl


I’ve stopped doing Brownies – I’m now “just” Div Com. I’m hoping that the guidemin will thus remain at a sensible level, rather than threatening to overwhelm as it so frequently has for the past year or so. Between guidemin, and wedmin, it’s often daunting to look at my inbox, and I’ve developed a tendency to run away from it. Must choose a date for the leaders’ weekend away. And book it.


2 thoughts on “I am determined to be positive

  1. Ooh, am so pleased that you’re making those. Firstly, because I think they’ll look beautiful & secondly because I want to make them too (with same yarn, different colour) so there may well be lots of questions…!

  2. So sorry to hear about your loss. I wish he had made it till the wedding, but he’ll be watching over the two of you as you go through your wonderful married life together.

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