I’m watching a thunderstorm

I keep missing the lightning, and I keep wanting to dive under the desk when the thunder goes. It terrifies me, does thunder. All the wilder weather we’ve been having terrifies me too. What is the human race doing to itself? I wake up at silly hours, worrying about it. Nameless panic at 4am. I should get up. Make tea. Read.

My silly little worries:about orders of service, and catering, and rain on The Day, things of that ilk – all of which are easily dealt with, all seem ridiculous. I have fin de siecle existential angst, and it’s only 2014.

We went for a walk yesterday (photos to follow). We headed through the East End. It got really exciting in Tower Hamlets, as a silver Mercedes or BMW shot past at about 80 miles an hour, literally flying over the speed bumps, which can’t have done the shocks any good at all, closely and more carefully pursued by four police vehicles of varioud designs and speeds. The MPSTowerHamlets twitter feed had nothing to say on the subject, so we’re none the wiser as to whom or why. I do hope the drivers of the silver car abandoned it before they hurt anyone. They were heading towards Whitechapel, and, although Sundays are quieter than weekdays, there were quite enough people about. Not to mention multiple memorials to Edward VII, who seems to have been rather popular in the area.  The walk itself wasn’t brilliant – we’ve had better walks from the Time Out book before now. However, it was lovely to just walk, play with our cameras, and generally spend some unstressed time with each other. This was the last “free” weekend before the wedding – next weekend N has his stag. Yes, I know, we thought he was having a stage while I was having a hen. Apparently that was actually “having a few beers in several different pubs and eating somewhere nice after trying on suits”. The actual stag co-incides with the British Beer Festival in Earl’s Court, and will doubtless involve drinking beer, but, this time, they get souvenir glasses.

The storm has blown over. I may need to lower the blind. It’s gone a bit glarey outside, and I’m squinting. I can see patches of blue sky, and I can just make out Parliament Hill. This is such a change from the grey clouds of ten minutes ago – and the solid deep grey columns which indicated that it was raining really rather hard. Perhaps Birkies were a mistake this morning. My SSIS pacakge has failed, and my backup is still running (taking 20 minutes, but it seems to be smaller this time. hmmm. I need to check my ratios. Is this five times slower backup worth it?), and I have another SSIS package to alter….

My blog may get more attention. I’ve no longer an N’s Dad to write to – but I still want to record.