This weekend…

I shall have posted all the thank you notes (assuming that I get the two missing addresses, and the stamps for the overseas cards).

I shall have begun the process of changing my name at bank #1 (and then shall move onto the banks where I am a signatory for the Brownies’ accounts, the local council, HMRC and so forth). For bonus points, I shall start on the tax return.

I shall have concluded that I don’t need phone bills back to 2003, but that I do probably need the land registry stuff for the flat. As a bonus, I shall locate my birth certificate, then immediately misplace it. I shall fail to deal with the red box of doom, but I shall make a pile of stuff to shred in due course.

I shall run another 9 miles (I ran 9 miles this evening. I meant to run 7. I thought my training course was closer to the canal basin than it actually is. Wapping was in the way. There is an awful lot of Wapping, and most of it is cobbled).

I shall be On Call for the first time in 5 years. I have not missed being On Call.

I shall finish L’s socks, and, I hope, have the yarn to finish the baby sweater (One cuff. Plus sewing up). I shall start J’s baby’s booties, and sew the buttons on V’s baby’s booties. Or, if the yarn doesn’t arrive (it didn’t), I shall finish N’s Christmas Scarf.

I shall finish laundering all my woollens (found moths on a sweater. But not chewing it. They were chewing a different sweater). I shall also hoover out the sweater trunk and have at the bedroom floor.

I shall relocate the sitting room floor and the sitting room table, and I shall get (briefly) on top of the laundry.

I shall adore my husband while doing all of this.