Oh, maybe I can run after all

Running’s been a bit in the doldrums of late. Too much good living. Then a cold. On Friday, I went out for a run and was running a good 20 seconds slower per mile than my PB for a 10km race. And that was across 3 miles. And it felt like hard work. So I’m rather pleased with this morning’s 10km race, which was only 1 minute off my PB…If I can just knock off another 10 seconds per mile, I’m in there. It was an effort this morning, I won’t deny that – but it wasn’t half as bad as I thought it might be. This is what comes of running in a group, rather than running on your own. There’s people to overtake. People to keep up with. People to identify as nemeses (essentially, anyone who’s wearing barefoot running shoes). So, there is hope and I’m not as hopelessly unfit as I thought I was. In a month, we’re doing a trail half marathon, which should be fun. And then we’re aiming to do the Berlin Marathon in September 2015, having missed places for London. That’ll be our holiday: a package tour to do the Berlin Marathon.

Other achievements this weekend: getting the Guidemin under control; sorting out my tax return; laundry; cleaning the front of the cooker; sewing on lots of buttons on new-to-me coats (for £100 I’ve got a new light weight coat and a new winter coat – the one is White Stuff, the other Whistles. I’m such a cheapskate…); sorting out a wedding photo album; going to the cinema and having an apoplectic fit that anyone could get away with displaying and using their mobile phone in the Travellers Club.  I realise that one is supposed to suspend disbelief for films, but there are some things that cannot be ignored.

N has gone to watch Spurs. I hope they win. He’s not a happy bunny, having done something peculiar to his shoulder which has prevented him running today (he has an appointment, or, in N speak, an appippment, as our Chiropractor is called Pippa, to be crunched back into the land of the living on Tuesday).

Would you like to see some recent knitting? But of course. L got her socks yesterday, and couldn’t be more thrilled.

2014-09-28 15.07.09

And then, some pictures of the poppies at the Tower of London. I was on a course nearby last week, and got to walk past every day. And the sunshine was rather lovely one day, which made for better pictures.

2014-09-23 17.22.58 2014-09-22 17.17.05 2014-09-22 17.18.23 2014-09-22 17.18.34