I have established the source of the weird smell in the bathroom

PSA: If you’re straining home-made yoghurt through a tea towel, you need to wash that tea towel IMMEDIATELY you’re done straining, or the pong won’t come out. Until you do wash it. At which point it will come out into EVERYTHING that you’ve got in the washing machine with it. And then you’ll have to do more laundry. Next time, I’ll put it into soak with some detergent rather than leaving it sitting there for 24 hours.  N won’t necessarily notice that his running tops smell of stale milk (his sense of smell is erratic, to say the least). I shall. Bleagh.

Home-strained yoghurt is rather wonderful, though. And cheap. 50p for a small tub of yoghurt. 90p to make up to 1 litre of yoghurt depending on how much you strain it. If organised, the last of one batch can turn into the first of the next batch. Honestly. That yoghurt maker has paid for itself and then some. And it makes it so simple to make yoghurt. I don’t have an airing cupboard, and the hot water tank is right next to the bin, so not exactly what you’d call a hygienic location.

I’ve now got a fitbit. Today I have walked 20,000 steps. Partly because I’ve done a 10.8 mile run (in two sections – there’s always a pause after finishing parkrun in order to get the barcode scanned, and I always manage to join the longest, slowest queue to get my barcode scanned). Parkrun was slow – it’s the really hilly route, and I was feeling shattered by the time I’d made it up there (must eat jelly beans before embarking on parkrun, in this situation, not after. Two miles uphill is, well, two miles uphill. It’s tiring!). I then ran the route again, because I needed the extra miles, and headed back home. And saw Michael Palin by the overground station, which made the whole thing entirely worthwhile, causing me to grin wildly, and probably bemused him greatly “Oh god, another fan grinning inanely. And a really sweaty one at that!”.  Given that I was convinced I wasn’t going to make it to the start of parkrun, I’m very pleased. The parts of the run I’m not pleased with – well, I know what to do about it. If feeling shattered, EAT SUGAR!  Given that this morning started off with an ex’s ex-wife talking about Westerns on the Radio (and sounding way more sane and sensible than he’d painted her as being), this was something of an achievement. It all got so much better having been for a run. I recommend it.

I’ve finally managed to book an appointment to get 4 inches lopped off my hair. I’m knitting bunting. I’ve managed to pay in the cheques. I still need to sort out Gift Aid properly. I don’t have a corrected wedding certificate (still). I think it’s time to have a cup of tea…