Halfway through War and Peace!

And, according to the stats on the Kindle, I have about 9 hours more reading time left to finish it. If I really concentrate, and eschew my sudoko on the tube of an evening, I might be done in a week or so. Which would be rather lovely.

This morning, I felt happy and unstressed for the first time in ages. Didn’t last very long – just a part of the walk on the way back from volunteering at parkrun on the ‘eath: usually I run up and down. Today I got the bus up and walked down. It takes ages to walk down if you’re not running home! Then I got down to the town, had to get sausages, spent five minutes on the phone to the bank while in the square, and it started to rain (if you complain about the fact that you’re being called ‘dear’ and ‘darling’ by the greeter, apparently they give you some cash to make you shut up. If you complain about the fact that you can’t send money via pingit, they spend at least four weeks failing to do anything about it. Arguably, the second one was more annoying – I was wanting to get cash quickly to a friend in need. When I finally upgrade the phone in three weeks, I’ll be installing the mobile banking app and being done with it).

But, on the heath, with enthusiastic dogs racing past, in the breeze, and without any rain, it was lovely and I was happy and unstressed and aware of it and zen. And the vile miasma of pong occasioned by so many runners assembling in one spot dissipated fairly quickly. It was, however, noteworthy. Albeit thankfully brief.

Now I’m feeling busy and not unhappy. It’s slightly different.  I have tea in a mug made for me by a Brownie on the centenary camp. I have visited some Brownies this week and retrieved roll mats (hurrah, finally, after 5 months) and been hugged by one of them who was *so* pleased to see me. I have socks in progress for N and N (nearly there on both) and I’ve realised that J’s booties need to be knitted pronto, as I’m seeing her at the weekend. Busy and OK. But not stress-free and happy.

I think I need to work on more opportunities for happy and unstressed. I suspect I’ll be a more pleasant person to spend time with generally if I do this.


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