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But, dearest ninja GodDaughter, I really could have done without you sharing your croupy-cough with me. Still. By the power of Herbal Covonia (which tastes just like the Liquafruta of my childhood, and which helpfully smells just like mouldy citrus fruit, so it has to be doing me good), I am recovering.

I’ve also been to the dentist. I now have a tooth whitening kit, and I still have NO FILLINGS. If it weren’t for the tea stains, I’d be a walking advert for Crest+ or something. I’ve not been to the dentist since 2010. I’m particularly impressed, as my latest asthma medicine lists tooth-decay as a side effect. I was having a brief worry, but it turned out to be gunk caught in the deep fissures which characterise my molars. I am very pleased – I was panicking that the wisdom teeth (deeply buried, but with the top edge exposed) would have to be hoiked out. They won’t. Phew.  Meanwhile, in my efforts to earn my Guide Fitness Badge (it seems that if I get that one, I can have my Fitness Emblem), I’ve been flossing more frequently. This is helping with oral health in general. Go me.

So. Day one of my week off, following a weekend vegetating at home with an Interesting Chest Rattle and a Peak Flow that’s dropped by about 15% (if it’s not creeping up again by tomorrow I may invoke oral steroids). Teeth up to scratch, if tannin-y. Bank details dropped off and verified. Hair highlighted, and appointments made through to June 2015. Christmas cards written and posted. Christmas presents wrapped and posted, other than my ninja GodDaughter’s hat, which I can give to her when we go to Stockholm. Parental presents/N’s presents to be wrapped when it’s actually Christmas. Gift Aid for Brownies submitted. Gift Aid for Division re-started. N’s socks completed, along with Mum’s Christmas Cowl, but both require blocking. Christmas sweater for me started (I am too mean to buy the one I quite liked in Coast. I liked it, but not £55 liked it. And I’ve been promising myself that I shall knit this sweater for years, so I’m Doing It). Division Guidemin up to date (mind you, that changes on a daily basis). I have concluded that 11 year old phone bills, in the wrong name, at the old flat, can be binned. I have shredded the ones for here. A 10 minute job that I’d been putting off and putting off and putting off because it’s so BORING. I have ordered a new food caddy from the council (both contents and caddy were taken away today, which was a bit over-zealous).  I have cleaned out three drawers, two shelves, and have my eye on the wardrobe. I have revisited my stash. I do not need more yarn.