Remembering Vanessa

One of the blogs I loved, with beautiful pictures, and beautiful, simple knits, was  Vanessa was an artist, she illustrated children’s books, she had two beautiful dachshunds, she made awesome papier maché sculptures.  Evangeline doing the tea towel dance was my favourite – she looked like a morris dancer.  Vanessa knitted the loveliest striped dress (she made several knitted dresses), and so enjoyed playing with colour and telling us all about it. I always looked forward to her posts, and I was so sad when she stopped blogging. Her marriage ended, and, from the pictures of her sculptures, it looked like the colour had gone from her life.

She inspired me to make my own striped dress (Dad took this picture. I’m saying cheese).  I wasn’t clever enough to make it from my own pattern, but it is one of my favourites. And very cosy.

April 2011 289

I’ll be wearing some bright colours to remember Vanessa. Bright tights. Bright shoes. Bright clothes. Rest in peace, lovely inspiring lady.