It’s all about the mugs!

There’s been more mug taking. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve seen them all, so just skip to the next blog in your blog roll.

The first is one of my big tea mugs. Full of tea. I was having a cuppa with the Morris dancer (remember him from, oh, 10 years ago?). He wasn’t having a good morning, so we had tea in our respective houses, a couple of hundred miles apart, and he felt somewhat better. I love that he posted on Facebook that he was struggling, and that we were able to help cheer him up a little (I don’t like that he was struggling at all. Howsoever, knowing about it, it was good to be able to send some moral support via 1s and 0s).


Then we have the post parkrun coffee. It was cold and icy this morning. A bit of a challenge to run, although I think I beat my parkrun nemesis. Partly because it was icy and she was a bit cautious.


Monday night involved a very, very, extremely good hot chocolate in Soho. I will be back. The sludge at the bottom was su perb.


And, finally, a chattery box mug that was a present from K. A rather good cuppa on Tuesday. With magazines. I do like a good magazine.


This week has been mostly full of guidemin and leadership crises. People seem to be dropping out rather than volunteering this term. Which is probably good for their sanity but isn’t helping mine.

On the plus time, I have managed to finish knitting the sweater that I wanted to wear to the office Christmas lunch. It merely needs sewing up. And I appear to have two spare balls of kidsilk night leftover. I wonder what they might go for on eBay?