Slow progress

This week has been one of mild crises. Mostly of the Guiding type. Then one of the lost wedding ring type. You have no idea how wrenching that is (nor how depressing it is going round all the pawn shops in an area. In part due to the sheer number of them. I got very despondent after shop #4 and detoured to a secondhand bookshop).

I bought books:



That’s not quite the whole haul. The Hemingway, Mallory and Ashfoed aren’t part of the collection, and there’s a Persephone book about Gardening for Mum for Mothering Sunday which isn’t pictured. But that little lot came to less than £15, which wasn’t bad. I am fathoms deep in Carrington now.

I’ve also achieved some quilting. Small squares have been sewn into strips and then larger squares, which are now strips ready to be pressed and sewn into an even larger square. I do not recommend making a quilt with lots of 2″ squares. Accuracy is painful


And, I have knocked about a minute off my parkrun time from last week. I still have another minute to knock off to get a PB. However, I shall. One of the Rainbow leaders was randomly there. I have a parkrun buddy! This is more likely to get me out of bed to run than anything else. I don’t want to let myself down in front of witnesses.


2 thoughts on “Slow progress

  1. No, I get the lost wedding ring thing. Mine was last seem somewhere in Edinburgh when I went up for the opening of the World Conference. It’s so galling to know that somebody most likely has found it, but didn’t bother to hand it in.

  2. Oh yes, lost wedding ring. On a very cold day I pulled off my gloves so I could search in my bag for concert tickets and it went flying off my finger into a grassy field. The grass was wet and muddy and after looking as long as we could we decided to just go on to the concert and forget it. I always hoped a homeless man found the ring and pawned it.

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