In which I start a cold

And thus don’t run 10km in a race, but sit in bed and feel that it’s a bit tricky to breathe. Nothing earth-shattering, but enough to not want to run. Congested describes it nicely.  N is running the race, and I hope it goes well. I have been coughing just from rolling over, so it’s not a good idea to be out and about right now.

This is a shame, as I had a rather nice dinner party last night, and I need to tidy up rather than lying here like a great beached platypus. A fully vegetarian and gluten-free menu was executed (it’s so much simpler if everyone eats the same thing). Bizarre flours have been bought, and all recipes were entirely new to me (this could be described as risk-taking behaviour. However, they all worked).

Tomato Carpaccio


Raspberry Crumble (and custard. But you don’t need a recipe for custard. We bought it from the supermarket). This was particularly nice – I got the lovely heart-shaped Le Creuset (the only Le Creuset I possess) that we had as a wedding present out. It is the most superb thing.  All recipes were spectacularly easy-peasy, and it was very possible to wash up as I went along, which means that the morning’s tidying up is of the minimal “corral the used candles, empty the dishwasher and change the tablecloth” variety: everything else was washed up last night. Oh yeah. The final thing is to put the Good Cutlery back in the appropriate drawer, ready to re-tarnish itself quietly in the interim between now and the next dinner party (this will not be four years…).

Next time, we may get the board games out. Just because.

In the meantime, I think I require some tea.