Today I went wheee with more control

Also, I sang a lot. Scooting down the hill going through most of the Bond songs I can remember. Makes for a more relaxing ride.

We also started a game of “hunt the lemon”. But we didn’t get very far.

Then the weather turned nasty and started throwing snow at us. Icy stingy nastiness so we stopped and bought hot chocolate. Much more civilised.

We are pondering the next trip. But first I’m going to ski down to my lesson tomorrow morning. Turns out my instructor skis on the Freestyle Moguls team for GB. There’s a nice picture of him upside down on his website (bless, he doesn’t seem to have updated it since he was 17…so about 5 years ago! I thought I was nearly old enough to be his Mum…).

Here. Have some lemon photos.