I think tomorrow’s race may be wet 

I shall be following the weather forecast anxiously. It’s a shame, as today’s forecast is perfect for running. But. Here is as much of tomorrow’s as I can see on the phone. Doesn’t really inspire confidence, does it?

I must work out how we get to the start. Knowing the appropriate tube station is a good start, but a little vague. Other things to do today (I’m skiving parkrun as I fell off the list of volunteers and I do want a lie in of sorts)

  • Pay in cheques
  • Guidemin (DBS lists, VSU advert)
  • Sew buttons into cardigan, mend cardigan, mend coat
  • Buy card for Tawny Owl and Spring Onions for soup
  • Meet Tawny Owl for cake
  • Instructions for website updates
  • Sort appointment for name changing at banks (it’s never ending with all the blinking Brownies ones)
  • Change sheets after unfortunate incident involving supper in bed and escaping balsamic vinegar. Am sleeping in a Rosachct (cannot spell) blot test and I had the weirdest dreams last night. 
  • Chase up woggle order.