I had a birthday thing

It was rather brilliant. We got up stupid early to go for a run along the canal (a very slow run, after the weekend’s exertions) and saw the odd duck and the even odder moorhen. N pootled off to work, I met a potential new Brownie helper in my favourite cafe and had tea and cake, and then there was a lot of vegetating on the sofa with Sherlock and knitting. I got a fairly good quantity of R’s wedding stole done, and thoroughly enjoyed myself as a lazy lady of leisure. Dinner at Veeraswamy with my parents and I ate far too much: I had to sit up a little in order to digest sufficiently to sleep. 

And, the rest of the week was rather good too. I’ve clarified communications and hopefully tied up a Brownies crisis. I had a bonus Brownies meeting and we were visited by the local police. The Brownies were chiefly concerned with finding out how old they had to be before they could be left home alone (there is no legal age, it turns out, as long as the child is not deemed to be at risk of harm) and trying on hats, handcuffs etc. 

Last night we went to a museum late at the Natural History Museum for D’s birthday. We saw a former member of Take That but he wasn’t as interesting as the dinosaurs, dikdiks, birds, whales, wild boar, elephants and so on. Not all the museum was open, but it was enough for a couple of hours and it was vastly more civilised than London Zoo’s late night opening. Fewer idiots running round in animal onesies, and no hard liquor. I wonder if the Science Museum does lates? It was lovely to be able to play on the exhibits without small children wanting a turn! I particularly liked the TRex. D’s husband said he reckoned he could take it on and defend us all. Bless. 



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