All the feels

First I listened to Sibelius 5th symphony twice over in quick succession. I like the wonderful haziness of the second movement’s beginning. Then the way it crystallises into something sharper, heavier, more stolid. I also love the first movement. The passion. The drive. 

Then I embarked on Weiland’s fourth quarter. Directed listening here. Oh my God! The fourth movement. So wonderfully lyrical, and dance like, then crashing into the fifth movement like the breaking of a thunderstorm or a train rushing through a tunnel (steam, naturally), carrying through with drive and passion and All The Feels. 

I need to make a new cup of tea. What with the all enveloping sound, I forgot about to and it’s now gone cold. My tea never looks particularly appetising, as I like it extremely milky, but something more akin to cold dishwater really ain’t my cuppa tea at all. Well. Not figuratively speaking at any rate. I’ll give you it literally. Owing to the fact that this is my tea we are talking about. 

I need to go and feel a bit more. And brace myself for the first movement. This began on auto play and I fell in love with the first three bars.