Mmmm. Chocolate

I have a lush chocolate egg from my parents, another from N, and, an awful lot of Creme Eggs. I might possibly be panic buying the latter. Because they aren’t in the shops forever, and I do love them so. As much as I love Mini Eggs, if not more. And I am very partial indeed to a Mini Egg (I can’t have Smarties because of the wheat…but Mini Eggs!) Wondrousness in a sugar-coated-shell.

We’ve been house hunting today. I loathe house hunting. I resist house hunting. I don’t like the idea of moving. I’ve never had house fantasies: I’ve never really spent time building castles in the air, randomly looking at houses even though mine isn’t on the market (Mum loved doing this when I was a child), dreaming of somewhere new. I love my flat in London – but it just doesn’t suit the life we want, so, I am girding to move. I rather enjoyed listening to the birdsong today, as we wandered past various empty houses, houses with for sale boards, houses looking dilapidated and in need of some TLC. It helped immensely with the process. I’m positively sanguine. I wouldn’t say I’m looking forward to it, but I’m certainly less resistant.

Sunday was spent with my parents (with an exciting row about politics over the lunch table. I’m still not entirely sure where my father’s political leanings are. I’m increasingly convinced he’s Monster Raving Loony). I have stuff to sell on eBay, a random extra jewellery box, a pile of press cuttings, and a tummy full of extremely good steak. I do like a good steak (I am a woman of simple tastes). There was a glorious puppy dog on the train home. having a zizz on his daddy’s knee. The loveliest, loveliest woof.

Saturday I failed to go to parkrun – we slept in. It was wonderful. There should be more sleeping in, in this world. Much more. Boring chores followed, but the flat is tidy, there is food in the fridge and freezer, and there’s a fairly good chance that I’m on top of the laundry for 24 hours. More than that, I will not comment upon. Laundry just breeds. And breeds. And breeds.

Friday we went Shaun the Sheep hunting with C. It was a grand day out – and we had very good ice cream in Borough Market at the end of it all. All in all, it’s been relatively energetic. But not massively so. I have watched Sherlock. I have knitted. I have listened to some superb music, I’ve read, and I’ve slept. Oh. The sleep. Wondrous stuff, sleep.