I’m sorry I’ll read that again again

Radio 4 Extra has just played the episode of ISIRTAA which we recorded from the radio on Christmas Day when I was 10 years old. I’ve been reciting along quite happily. I know that show very well indeed. I can Arnold Totteridge with the best of them. How do you do you do, do you do, do you do? I’m the dynamic new, do you do, do you do. I’m the dynamic do, do you do, do you, I’m the dynamic, I’m sorry, what was I saying?

Nice to hear Bill Oddie on the radio (he wasn’t bouncing up the Heath to birdwatch at the tail end of parkrun this morning. It was raining, so you can hardly blame him). I had a good parkrun. I nearly caught up with a former Guide and I was only just beaten by a Unit Helper. I should have started slightly further forward. It is ver crowded to start with. And I got my grr on. The former Guide does lots of cross country running and is, as far as I can tell, all leg. So is the UH. By comparision, I am all thunder thighs…but I always have been. Curvy rather than willowy. And it suits me fine. Knocked 10 seconds off this year’s PB but still need to find 50 seconds for an actual PB. 

We have been guiding crisis free for about a fortnight. It has helped immensely. Plans for holidays and sleepovers are afoot (these things take a good six months to organise. It’s surprising) and I need to plan the Divison Social. Essentially, I need to pick a pub where it’s possible to have a conversation without strain. And there must be decent beer for those who like ale. I am regaining equanimity and this is lovely. I was beginning to feel quite despondent. 

Lunch beckons. It is fish finger shaped, so it has the relevant limbs so to do.