The biggest difference…

I started drinking de-caffeinated tea at work. And, generally speaking, my sleep has improved immensely as a result. This is rather good. I’m not stinting myself, at least, I don’t feel I am. There’s still the odd night where I’ll find it hard to drop off, or I’ll wake up because there’s been noise outside. But I am sleeping better. More restfully. My fitbit supports this theory.  So, as I sip my tea, I share this little gem of information. Just in case it’s useful. I had thought that because I don’t tend to drink tea or coffee after leaving work, I wasn’t affecting my sleep. It would seem I’m wrong.

Sun’s shining. Birds singing. Massive database restoring. Install that failed yesterday succeeding today. I have my lovely purple sparkly cowl on, and I’ve finally turned the heel of the second sock of the pair that I started months ago – I’ve been wedding knitting, and reading on the tube, and I’ve just not settled into the sock properly as a result.

And the reading. Seven Pillars of Wisdom (an odd book, but compelling). Gertrude Stein (surprisingly accessible). Rohinton Mistry’s Family Matters (a bit Suitable Boy Lite so far). Asterix and TinTin. The Thornbirds (why did we not pass this round the class at school, the way we did with Flowers in the Attic, and The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer? It’s perfectly pitched at the romantic, hormonal, teenager. And the romantic, hormonal grown-up me, to be honest). Lots of reading. The ability to escape into a book is something I cherish. The ability to fall asleep halfway down a page? Not so sure about that on occasion. Sometimes I’d rather be reading!

My tea is cold. The database has restored. I need to shift more databases about the place. Onwards.

Oh yeah. Give blood. And don’t do what I did, which was lose my sticker within five minutes of leaving the donor centre. Also, after a gap of 10 years, I felt ever-so-slightly-woozy for much of the rest of the evening. This I used as an excuse to loll.