Such a lovely evening

I do enjoy dropping in to Brownies meetings. This one was particularly nice. There was time to chatter, and to look for flowers and bark, and decorate frames, and several of them flew up to Guides. 

Stayed on to Guides, discovered that two of them are taller than me, one has the same house number as me, but I’ve been Guiding longest. Sorted admin, helped with some planning, moved clobber and tidied out a box. They are all brilliant girls.

One of my former Guides, now a fine upstanding member of the Sea Cadets said the loveliest thing. That I think they’re brilliant, amazing young women partly because of the women who influenced them while they were growing up. Captain, Em, Tawny: we all played a part. And, 11 years into this Guiding adventure, I’m so pleased to see the results.