Where did the tube go?

I lost a tube train today. It wasn’t at Finchley when it was supposed to be. It may have been early. It certainly wasn’t late. And it left me sitting about for half an hour until the next one arrived. This is the only problem with having parents living at the tail end of the tube line. Infrequent (but regular, except when they go awol) trains. Along with the potential that, out of sheer desperation and need to get moving, you get on the Wrong Train. I must not get on the next train to arrive at this platform. But the one after. 

Mum’s having an open garden this afternoon. It’s supposed to rain. I may regret not having wellies. I may get cake (her garden is the fourth garden, and where the tea tent is. I am on crockery shunting duty). I do have my waterproof, which is something. And I am wearing sensible clothes, unlike yesterday, when I shivered round the zoo and wished for my waterproof. To be fair, so did everyone other than my goddaughter. She didn’t care about the rain other than that it meant she couldn’t go on the bouncy castle. She did have a go on the carousel. We saw lemurs, otters, penguins, monkeys, bats, rats, meerkats, hippopotami and giraffes. 

Yes. It is an affectation to call them hippopotami rather than hippopotamuses. Both look equally weird as spellings go. 

Oh yes. I made a lemon on Friday. 




The list is threatening to overwhelm. It’s been a busy fortnight: I’ve only been in for one evening in the past two weeks. Tonight I shall be in as well (and I’ve just twigged I’ve no idea what to do about supper. My suggestion of pasta and pesto got shot down at speed).

So. I shall write my list here, as well as in my notebook, in an effort to begin to regain control. There comes a point when one has to cease sallying along and knuckle down to it, after all.

  • visit church
  • Print photos for thank you note
  • Collect prescription
  • Write letter to chase up division silverware, post recorded delivery found letter. Need to print it. This is a whole new challenge.
  • Send email about division social
  • Write cards in preparation for Volunteer Week ongoing
  • Send email about rota for recruitment stall in July
  • Send 3 BBB badges to R
  • Buy new uniform polo shirt
  • Organise champagne for hotel probably best done when I actually arrive at said hotel….
  • Organise a social for Tuesday unit started off by setting up a poll about what people would like to do on Facebook.
  • Hen party challenge badge write up and design delegated design to N.
  • Chase up payments for badges sold on facebook
  • Embroider hair things
  • Sort out notices
  • Laundry
  • Change Sheets
  • Tidy flat (now rather full since we sold N’s place)
  • Hoover flat (there was a saga with the hoover repair, and I was hoover-less for about three weeks.)
  • Deal with hoover saga as per instructions from Trading Standards (at least we had a lovely new hoover on the wedding list. I am so very, very, very lucky that I am in a position where the loss of a hoover is not costing me money, thanks to PayPal dispute resolution, just time – because I still don’t have my original Henry hoover back and need to pursue this). Oooh! Notification that hoover will be returned via myHermes arrived on Friday. Not sure if it’s repaired or not, but, frankly, do not care as long as hoover still vaguely works. Company claims to be in receivership as of Sunday…and that no refunds will happen. Company ceased trading two weeks ago. It’s all faintly fishy.
  • Put spare hoover part on eBay Will do this if the whole hoover, including spare part, comes back – or the hoover never returns.
  • Put Revlon Nail Kit Thing on eBay
  • Parkrun
  • Hen Party
  • Update finances
  • Council Tax

We’ve been shopping

Some days, shopping is an epic struggle. Nothing goes properly. Nothing is quite in stock. Instead, between us, we have achieved….

Shoes for dainty feet 

Four bras (one sports. Finally I have  bought a new sports bra)

Four pairs of knickers

Three pairs of tights

Two small bags to hold bridesmaids’ medications

Three handmade baby hats, one novelty yarn scarf, a silly pencil, glorious mittens and an owl from this lovely shop (which has remarkably reasonable prices, and I am never knitting a laceweight baby shawl again, I shall support the lovely ladies who knit for the shop). 

Earrings and necklaces (four pairs, two necklaces: you know how jewellery comes in sets? That.)

Hair decoration stuff. 

Somehow we managed to fit in lunch, a detour to Lakeland, and tea as well. No photos of Edinburgh, but we shall take some tomorrow. 

Being a bridesmaid is fun. We spent the evening trying on dresses and trying out hair dos. We think we’ve got that sussed too. Gotta love a Patrick Cameron hairdressing book. Step by step picture instructions and all the mystery of updo’s disappears. (No, I’m not entirely sure about that apostrophe either. But updos looks weird, So I shall stick with the apostrophe). 


Isn’t it a lovely medal?

Today’s race took me slightly by surprise. I’m really not sure why: I’ve run the same 10km course the first Sunday of most months for the past 4 years. But, a surprise it was, and I was somewhat under prepared. Muggy, wet weather is not what my lungs like, and I had to pause on the second lap for a bit of a wheeze. But, I was curious to see what the medal was like (I was very tempted to give up on the whole thing out of sheer laziness) and I am so pleased that I stuck it out and finished in a reasonably OK 55:41. It is a super medal! One of my favourites. I shall be trying to get another one in June. 



Photo fail!

I’ve had a lovely day dancing outside various pubs: I really must re-do my “Morris dancing: a pub crawl with choreography.” t-shirt. There has to be a nice interesting font I can find to use.

The other t-shirt I deem to be entirely necessary for summer 2015 is one emblazoned “Always playing yellow car.”  Fortunately, other people have designed some of those. So I can achieve it with less effort.

I’m all about saving my effort for the important stuff, me.