We’ve been shopping

Some days, shopping is an epic struggle. Nothing goes properly. Nothing is quite in stock. Instead, between us, we have achieved….

Shoes for dainty feet 

Four bras (one sports. Finally I have  bought a new sports bra)

Four pairs of knickers

Three pairs of tights

Two small bags to hold bridesmaids’ medications

Three handmade baby hats, one novelty yarn scarf, a silly pencil, glorious mittens and an owl from this lovely shop (which has remarkably reasonable prices, and I am never knitting a laceweight baby shawl again, I shall support the lovely ladies who knit for the shop). 

Earrings and necklaces (four pairs, two necklaces: you know how jewellery comes in sets? That.)

Hair decoration stuff. 

Somehow we managed to fit in lunch, a detour to Lakeland, and tea as well. No photos of Edinburgh, but we shall take some tomorrow. 

Being a bridesmaid is fun. We spent the evening trying on dresses and trying out hair dos. We think we’ve got that sussed too. Gotta love a Patrick Cameron hairdressing book. Step by step picture instructions and all the mystery of updo’s disappears. (No, I’m not entirely sure about that apostrophe either. But updos looks weird, So I shall stick with the apostrophe).