Where did time go?

Answer: running. I’ve started the 17-weeks-until-Berlin marathon training. This involves getting up inordinately early for a run three times a week, and two runs at the weekend. I shall be shattered, but buff. And I’m hoping my 10K pace does actually go back down to sub-50 minutes (last seen in Feb 2014, while training for a marathon…)

I’m fighting moths – they are coming out of the woodwork with the warm weather. There appears to be a sub set in the acrylic yarn in the shed, and that’s going to be binned when I pull myself together somewhat. The three shades of acrylic which I need for crochet bunting are in the freezer. They can come out for a bit, then go back in again to be sure. I’m crocheting bunting this time round. We made knitted bunting last year and I ended up knitting an awful lot of triangles to deadline and never want to knit one again (I do not like knitting to deadline!). Crochet will make a nice change. 

I need to be out running at 6:45 tomorrow. 1 mile jog. 12 x 200 m in 50-55 seconds interspersed with 200m  in 90 seconds to recover. This means learning my running watch, as I’m not sure of the correct setting to verify I’m going at the right speed for this. Hmm.

It all comes back to time, really.