There’s been a lot more running

27.7 miles this week. In my vague running club, I’m currently top of the leader board for distance (until the usual leader logs his Sunday run, anyhow. I am enjoying this achievement). 10 miles this morning, faster, apparently, than I’ve done parts of that route before, and reasonably easy going. Slow running – I was aiming for a 10 minute mile, but the idea is to build stamina at this point, not speed. I averaged a 9:49 minute mile.

The other idea was to remain upright at all times on this run (didn’t quite manage that). I fell over on a slippery wooden pontoon on Regent’s Canal. I have bruises on both knees and on my upper arm. I’ve applied a metric f-ton of arnica, and organic frozen peas to try and reduce the ridiculous lump on my right knee. I’m replanning my outfits for the week to disguise the mess. And I’m going to have a visit to a cosmetics counter on Friday if I’ve still got an epic bruise on my arm, to get my concealer matched for disguising the bruise on Saturday. It’s a good thing that I’ve got a long bridesmaid’s dress, or I’d be needing thick tights to cover the mess. You do not want to see my knees.

Yesterday’s run was also faintly disastrous. I got a bit overexcited in the last 100 metres of parkrun, promptly had an asthma attack, and had to slow to a walk. And it was one of those really exciting asthma attacks where I ended up sounding like a broken concertina played by a beginner. Fortunately, the inhaler kicked in.

Did anyone bother to help with either of these incidents? Did they heck. I had to get home to the care of my husband, who has produced frozen peas, tea, sympathy, kisses and did the majority of the work when it came to shifting everything to hoover behind it so that we can try to de-moth the flat. Sodding moths. They keep eating things I like, if they’re not sealed and not alpaca. They don’t seem to like alpaca. Various things having been having sojourns in the freezer.

It’s been too hot to knit. And I’m crocheting bunting anyhow (it is more fun than knitting bunting. Novelty value).